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We Only Mount Big Game
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Picking your Taxidermist

Many of you probably pick your taxidermist off of a suggestion or referral, but if your are in the process of looking for someone to rely on, and for the most part TRUST with your trophy here are a few suggestions when choosing your texidermist:

1. Make sure to take a look at the previous work of the taxidermist and their finished projects. Get referals from their clients making sure that you have an expected outcome of the quality of work being provided.

2. Do apples to apples comparison of how the details of antler and horn placement look of different taxidermeist. Make sure that the animal looks natural and dose not have things like bulging eyes, and that everything is proportioned.

3. Make sure that you are given a timeline for the animal being dropped off and picked up. Makes sure to get an estimate of when your trophy will be ready to pick up

4. You should make sure that the taxidermeist you choose can accomidate your needs and that you are a top priority to their shop.

5. Since you will be displaying your mount for many years you need to make sure that the mount is done professionally. Nothing would be worse than taking your new trophy and having it end up without 100% satisfaction.