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We Only Mount Big Game
We Only Mount Big Game
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Hot off the press!

What beautiful mount! Great features and character on this pedestal mount I just finished up. Gotta love big mule deer!!

A new manikin proves to be a great one

I took my Cactus buck from a c couple years ago and finally mounted him. This is on a new mahican and it proved to be a great choice and option for this deer. The head positioning works well with wider bucks to display their true width. Ear positioning with these types of mounts is
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Picking your Taxidermist

Many of you probably pick your taxidermist off of a suggestion or referral, but if your are in the process of looking for someone to rely on, and for the most part TRUST with your trophy here are a few suggestions when choosing your texidermist: 1. Make sure to take a look at the previous
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Attention to Details

While most taxidermist are detail oriented, here at Strip Taxidermy we pride ourselves in always taking every trophy in and making it into our best possible production. We strive for excellence with every mount and want 100% satisfaction from our clientele.

Welcome To Strip Taxidermy

First, Welcome to Strip Taxidermy! Please feel free to take a look around the website and our social media pages. If you have any questions for me I would love to answer them through email. If you are interested in having your trophy mounted by Strip Taxidermy please contact me with questions. Please enjoy our
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